Hi, I’m Lizzi. living on the coast and loving it with my two boys – the big one, Sam, my wonderful husband, and the little one, Isaac, my slightly insane preschooler.  Mostly writing about faith, feminism and social justice (why doesn’t that begin with an F?!)FinalistBOTY


4 Responses to About

  1. Ruth Leigh says:

    Good for you!! The Trussell Trust is an amazing organisation (I wrote an article on them several years ago) and do quiet, selfless, vital work in our communities. Keep at it

  2. Steve says:

    Lizzi – great letter thanks; it really is a crap newspaper…love a Guardian reader for life!

  3. Hi Lizzi, I to found this secret many years ago on a dull Sun lite day . You are what you believe you are , not what some plonker of a journalist or editor places into your mind . I found that by reading the Independent & The Guardian I have a clearer perspective of the Bovine Excreta that is a constant common fodder to those without their own mind or point of view .I fear the BBC is in danger of following down the same route on so many occasions that I switch on.

  4. lizziewiggle says:

    Hi Lizzi, I nominated you for the Leibster Award, it’s an interview meme for emerging bloggers x

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