Rain clouds

It’s been one of those days. I woke up this morning under a big cloud of ‘bugger off world’ and it’s been getting steadily worse all day. Nothing major. No one’s died (believe me, this year that’s pretty major in itself!) Just a never-ending stream of small stuff that’s suddenly become roughly the size of the Pacific today. At one point I hid under the duvet and declared my intent to remain there indefinitely. Which lasted 5 minutes, but it made me feel better.

I guess it’s part of being human. I get really irritated by the types of testimonies you hear occasionally, which suggest that True Christian Living is a miracle a minute festival of joy. Bollocks. Life is hard. Tragedies happen. Life can suck. Sometimes it’s the huge life changing events and sometimes it’s the endless small things that get on top of you and make you feel So. Damned. Exhausted.

On days like this, where my bed is my best friend and I’m barely capable of human interaction, it’s easy to feel like an officially Crap Christian. But then I look to the gospels. Angry, tired, grieving, joyful, exhausted, excited Jesus.

Because there’s nothing I’ve gone or will go through that he doesn’t understand. Admittedly, He probably doesn’t hide under the duvet, but the reason He is such a perfect mediator between us and God is because He was fully human, as well as being fully God.  He gets it.

And not only does He get it, but He intercedes for us. We don’t worship one who can never understand…instead, Christ understands our every frustration because He took on human form. And because of that, our fallen, frustrated humanity will one day be made perfect in Him.  Now that’s a hope.

You’ll have to excuse me now. I’m going back to the duvet, though I may sneak out for some chocolate later. It’s good to know that Good Friday doesn’t last though. One day, it will all be made new. And until then, I might even emerge from the bed.

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