blessed are the grumpy…

Sunday was NOT a good day for me. I have to make a confession that may get me burnt at the stake by some Christians.  Every other Sunday, I work.  It’s not ideal, and I really do miss fellowship – but I’d miss being ablr to pay the bills more if I didn’t.  Continuously applying for other jobs, but in the meantime, sometimes I have to take Sabbath when I can. Working on Sundays does not thrill me, ad to top it all off, I’d had problems with Isaac that morning which led to me being late.  The computers weren’t working, the clientele were at their most irritating, and I had a blazing row with a colleague.  Since I don’t really do angry, this is a pretty good sign that things are. not. right. So once the computer got its act together, I booted up the lectionary.  I was hoping for some nice, soothing reading about how much Jesus loved me. That would have just hit the spot.  Instead, I got the Israelites moaning about food in the dessert, and the parable of the workers in the vineyard.  Soothing. Basically, both are about people who are given grace, and still grumble.  They moan and whinge and complain that their grace is just not enough. Gotta admit, if I was God, I’d be hunting for the thunderbolts.  Which is why it’s a damned good thing I’m not, because in both stories, the grumblers are treated with kindness. Not saying it’s a good thing to grouch at God, but the best news is, He can take it.  He doesn’t just love us in the shiny moments but the angry, weepy, sobby bits too.  He loves me when I want to kick my colleagues and when I’m reading my Bible. There’s a great blessing in being fully known. My husband knows me more than anyone else on earth.  He’s got a fantastic knack of when to reach out and when to leave me space.  He knows just the right moments to buy chocolate or when I need him to take Isaac before my head explodes.  It’s amazing to have somebody who knows you so well that they can almost read your thoughts – but who loves you just the same. Sam doesn’t know everything though.  He certainly knows most things, but he can’t see inside my head.  We can still fight and argue and get cross with each other.  He knows me more than anyone else – and vice versa – but sometimes that comes second irritations of daily life. Not God though.  He loves me with an unchanging, ever faithful love – no matter how grotty I am.  He’s with me. I love going to church, and wish I didn’t have to miss the occasional Sundays.  But this Sunday, I got to meet him in the unexpected.  I love it when that happens 🙂 –

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2 Responses to blessed are the grumpy…

  1. emmascriv says:

    you WORK on SUNDAYS? 😉

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