Feminism is not a dirty word…

So, it’s not going to come as a massive shock to anybody if I tell you that I’m a Christian (if it does, you’re reading the wrong blog!)

No-one really reacts to that.  But if I said I’m also a feminist, what are your reactions?

For some reason, especially in the Christian world, the term seems to get a bad press.  I suspect it’s to do with ideas of gender roles – which quite honestly, I find difficult at the best of times, but I do realise that people who struggle with it are honestly trying to do their best to stay true to what they believe the bible to say.

The only problem with it though, is that I think the bible says we should all be feminists.

And no, I don’t mean raging anger, bra burning, men hating, and Greenham Common. I get angry, but usually it’s over really momentous things, like people who dare to move my piles of paper around.  I don’t want to burn my bra (they’re too pretty!), I quite like men (I married a pretty lovely one!) and I don’t live anywhere near Greenham Common.

What I do mean?

Really, truly embracing Genesis.  “God created mankind in his own image – in the image of God he created them.  Male and female he created them”.

God’s image bearers.  All of us.

And whilst sexual violence occurs, little girls are victims of forced marriage, honour killings and female genital violence are still happening and headlines scream about a female celeb’s weightloss before they scream about her acheivements – God’s image is marred.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re “egalatarian” or “complementarian”.  No-one outside of the church cares.  Those inside of the church?  Maybe we need to stop focusing on what men and women should and shouldn’t do, and focus instead on what we all need to do.

Feminism isn’t about being “more equal”.  I’ve got no desire to have more power than the men in my life.  I’ve got every desire to be part of a world where everyone – regardless of gender – is valued and loved and honoured.

I’m pretty sure Jesus was a feminist.  Everywhere he went, he loved and honoured and empowered women.  I’m pretty convinced that what’s good enough for Christ is a pretty good plan for me too.

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