pro life, or just anti-abortion?

There are many things that anger me. Few, however, get me into the rage I am currently in.

I have a friend, H. She’s a good friend. A good person. A genuinely lovely human being. And she attempted to overdose a few weeks ago.


Because she’d been to church.

She’d been to church for the first time in a few years. And she sat listening to a sermon. A sermon about abortion.

And she sat there in tears. Because the thing is, she’s had one. She was a scared, frightened little girl who’d been put in a situation that no child should ever face, and become pregnant because of it. She was 14.

Several years later she goes back to church for the first time in many years. And she hears that she’s evil, wrong, a murderer. She comes away thinking that God hates her.

Dear church. Are you freaking kidding me?

God doesn’t hate H. He doesn’t hate any of the other women who’ve had an abortion.

As a church, we need to realise that being anti-abortion is not being pro-life. If we truly want to see an end to abortion, then we have to work out what being pro-life really is.

It’s not enough to tell the rape victim that God loves her unborn child. It’s not enough to tell the woman in poverty who finds herself pregnant that God will look after her. It’s not enough to tell the woman with a life threatening disease that it will all be ok in the end. It’s not ok to to tell the family facing a life time of care for a disabled child that it’s God’s will.

And before anyone jumps on me, this is not meant to be a liberal pro-abortion post. Believe me when I say I don’t like it, and I don’t believe it’s what God wants either.

But I can also see why people make that choice.

We can’t simply point out to people that abortion is a bad idea, unless we’re willing to jump in with both feet and get involved. If we claim to respect life, then we need to respect the whole of life – not just the unborn baby, but the mother and the family too. We need to get behind initiatives that provide support and love and care for those in these horrible situations.

Otherwise, our words are worth so much bullshit.

As to whether God hates H, or anyone else in that situation?

God weeps for her.

God loves her.

God understands her.

He saw that frightened little girl, hurt in so many ways. He sees that mother faced with one more burden that she just doesn’t have the strength to carry. And He gets it. He gets that they were just doing the best with what they had at the time. He knows.

He knows. And He loves. And, I truly believe, He’s angry for the hurt we cause, when we use our words to argue and we don’t use our hearts to care.

If we’re going to be pro-life, let’s BE pro-life.

The rest isn’t Christianity. It’s just stupidity.

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