So after a long couple of weeks, mourning the death of my unborn child, and a precious, beautiful one year old little friend in Gaza, I decided to share the stories of children we can actually do something about, now.  So without further ado, meet Dennis!




So, this is Dennis. Is he not the coolest dude in creation?

Dennis lives in a small village in rural Uganda. He’s deaf, and unable to walk or talk. His family are subsistence farmers, and although they love him, they simply cannot afford to do much to help him. A team of Guides who visited the area were able to provide him with a wheelchair, which has given him some much needed freedom, but a diagnosis, and therefore a treatment, has been hard to find.

My friend Rachel is an awesome lady. She fell in love with Uganda a few years ago and hasn’t been able to leave! She’s the type of lady who doesn’t let an injustice go. And so when she met Dennis, she wasn’t going to rest until she’d done something to help.

Incredibly, after several years, they’ve found a hospital willing both to diagnose and treat Dennis! The hospital will be stretching his achillies tendons and hamstrings in an attempt to help him to walk. He’ll never be able to walk properly, but they’re confident that in 6 weeks or so, he’ll be able to begin walking with the aid of a crutch or walking stick.

Can you imagine the freedom that will give him?

It reminds me of the story of the paralysed man, lying on his mat for several years, when his friends decide to take him to Jesus, and Jesus heals him.

Except, this time, we get to help Him do it.

Here’s the thing. This operation is going to cost about 1,100,000 Ugandan shillings.

Which seems a lot, until you figure the exchange rate.

It’s about £245.

To give a teenager his freedom.

So this is where we all come in. Because Dennis is amazing and wonderful, and life has shown him an awful lot of “you don’t matter”.

Let’s prove it wrong.

If you can donate, please contact the lovely Rachel at her charity, But if you can’t, that’s ok too. Share, share, share! Let’s get this boy on everyone’s heart.

Dennis’ family are committed to paying 5% of this operation. Which may or may not seem a lot, but for a family stuck in a viscious cycle of poverty where they have to take part in endless work simply to survive, this is an incredible commitment of love and sacrifice for their son.

Let’s show them that we care too.

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