I must stop reading the Daily Mail…

because my patience has just run out.  Please be warned – this is about to go thermo-nuclear…


The Daily Mail does not exactly have the best record on mental health reporting.  This is a cause dear to my heart.  I suffer with depression, and, to be honest, will be on anti-depressants for a while.  I liken it to getting a fist full of splinters.  Many people will be able to pull their splinters out themselves, or with support – like counselling  Some might need anaesthetic (anti-depressants) to help them work on getting the splinters out – it has to be done, but when the splinters are deep enough, the drugs make the pain bearable.

So, anyway, I read this with horror. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-124979/Plans-lock-mental-health-patients.html

Let me start by saying that I honestly do think there are some – rare, but some – cases where people need to be supported back to a place where they can make good choices about their lives again.  In some cases, this might be about taking them to a place of safety whilst they get to a point they can cope again.  I don’t have a problem with that, although I can’t imagine how distressing it must be.

The provision for this is NOT locking up – and do you honestly think that detaining people with serious mental distress is going to be a solution?  For who, anyway?  For the tax payers spending the money on this?  For society, who loses out on a person of incredible value?  For who?

Also, the headline?  I’m a mental health patient  So are a good deal of my friends.  Please stop lumping us in with psychopathy/sociopathy – a very different set of illnesses.  Because all you do is make out that anyone with a struggle is dangerous.  More ostracism. Really helpful to all concerned. As for your article recently that decided mental illness was not in fact an illness – are you serious? Do we really want to go back to the days when that was wasn’t recognised? You’ll be casting out demons next.

Daily Mail, I seriously wonder whether you should be legal.  Who do you actually like?  No-one I know, for sure.

If you have a heart, do me a favour.  Please unlock it and let real life enter.  Just for a minute, ok?  It’ll be painful.  But also the best decision you ever made.


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2 Responses to I must stop reading the Daily Mail…

  1. I think everyone should stop reading it. It’s just propaganda, from front to back!

  2. my new years resolution was to stop reading the Daily Mail. First resolution I’ve ever kept

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