4 years…

Hugs.  Giggles.  Battles.  Getting cross, and then laughing as 5 minutes later we’ve forgotten what we were irritated about.  Parenting.  Strength in pairs. Faith.  Israeli technology.  Plans and hopes and wishes and dreams.  Voicing each others thoughts.  Looks that speak when words can’t.  Hand squeezes.  Reassurance.  Belief.  Hope.  Organised chaos.  Support. 

It’s hard to sum up 4 years of marriage.  That day when you get married and you’re convinced it’s all going to be perfect.  Realising it isn’t, and life isn’t all sparkly, but it’s actually even better.  Knowing that two halves really do make a whole. Knowing that whatever the future holds, it’s going to be ok, because we’re going to be together.

Sam, I love you very much.  Thanks for being my best friend, my husband, my debating partner, the person who can cheer me up when no-one else can – thanks for being you.

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