now you are three…

Dearest Isaac,

So, as you’ve told me many, many times today – you’ve only got two more sleeps of being two.  And then you’ll be THLEE!

It’s hard to believe that this time, three years ago, I hadn’t met you.  I was such a worried mummy then.  I knew we were going to have you very soon, and I had no idea what being a mummy would be like.  What you would be like.  How any mummy’s heart could ever open up big enough to give their little ones the love they needed.

Three years later, and I’m definitely not worried about that any more.  Over the last three years, I’ve learnt what a beautiful little man you are, and I am so pleased and so proud to be your mummy.  Somehow, you manage to be cheeky and caring, passionate and loopy, kind and bolshy, all in the same package, and it’s brilliant.  You probably have no idea of this right now, but you’ve already made a big difference in the world, just by being kind.  That’s not something every kid gets to do!

Isaac, whatever you do, please stay excited by life.  Your enthusiasm – whether it’s for going to the beach, or helping mummy vote – is an inspiration.  Please keep that passionate excitement in things and people that even now makes people happy.  Because when people see that, they’ll be inspired, and they’ll know they’re loved.  There’s no bigger gift in life.

Remember what you know now, that Jesus is “luffly”, and he loves you very much.  But don’t let that be the end of it – try and show people how lovely Jesus is too.  Because lots of people don’t, and they feel very sad and lonely.  I hope you will always believe and love and trust in Jesus, but even if you don’t, please still show people how loved they are.

Idy boy, we love you to the moon, and the stars, AND all those “blessed planets”.


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