The biggest gift…

So I’m still reeling from the kindness revolution yesterday.  So far, over 500 people sent me their kind acts, or kind acts they had seen – from 17 different countries.  That’s just unbelievable.  Sometimes I can’t believe how blessed my life is, to be able to hear these stories  Thanks so much!

I wanted to tell you two stories from yesterday that really touched me.  I’m sharing both of these with permission, although both people have asked me not to share their names.  Acts of kindness that probably seem insubstantial to most people – but when you know all the details, are utter world changers.

B is a good friend of mine, who’s been struggling with anorexia for several years.  She goes through good periods and bad, and is currently really struggling  Horrible episodes from her past have contrived to make her think she’s totally worthless – so why does she even deserve food?

Her act of kindness?  She ate a slice of bread.  Not much, I know.  But 100 calories, eaten without purging, without exercising, without self harming. Kindness – not only to herself, but all those who love her and care for her and desperately want her to be ok.

The other act – another friend suffering from crippling depression.  She often doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning, and right now, would question why she’s still living.  Her act?  To talk to someone and to keep fighting, for just one day.

This is bravery beyond words – but it’s also a kindness  Because my two beautiful, struggling friends have chosen the hardest path.  To keep going, to hold on to faith that somehow life will change.  To choose to give themselves – all of themselves, the troubled and broken as well as the beautiful – to the world  Too, too terrifying.  But – I wonder if there’s a reason that scared and sacred are such similar words?  To feel the fear and carry on – to know that the world sucks, but to hold on to that last little hope – to keep going, not for yourself but for others – there’s something bloody and beautiful about that.  Holy, even.

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