so much kindess!

Wow.  Oh wow.  This week has been incredible – and it looks like it hasn’t stopped yet.

Today was the Kindness Revolution.  The idea was – is (it’s not midnight yet!) to counteract some of the bile in last week’s Mail on Sunday article, by showcasing acts of pure kindness – not means tested, or anything like that – just kindness for it’s own sake.

And given that I thought about this on Friday, I had no idea what the response would be.  But – oh wow.  It’s been epic.

Small children sharing chocolate.  Older children being kind to each other instead of bickering.  People looking after their neighbours, cooking lunch for people, giving lifts, making tea, buying books for the homeless, helping with scouts and guides, sending encouraging emails, helping each other on public transport.  One person bought a coffee for the guy in the line behind him – who then left money for the guy behind him!  I love that chain of kindness.  Another couple, who are hairdressers, coloured and styled the wig of a lady recovering from cancer, without charging.  When she heard why, she insisted on donating to the local foodbank!

So many stories.  So many pieces of love.  Just a drop in the ocean?  Yeah, but when we put those drops together, the ocean gets pretty damned powerful.  For all those who have taken part – thank you so much.  You’ve demonstrated that love always wins.  For those yet to – there’s still time – go go go!

I’m going to leave you with the words of Megan.  She was kind to her mum by not bickering with her sister today – which takes a lot of self control when you’re 8 and being provoked!  She sent me an email, and in it she said this –

“I tried to be kind, because being kind means you really care about people.  And I want to be a girl who cares about people, even when they’re not very nice or being annoying or something.  Because i figure, if I can be nice now, then who knows? Maybe if i’m nice to someone, and they’re nice to someone, and it carries on like that, we could make a whole word of niceness”

Amen, Megan.

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One Response to so much kindess!

  1. I cooked several lunches from a new recipe for my daughter who is struggling to find ways of sticking to a gluten free diet as well as cooking Sunday dinner for all of us including her partner

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