Kindness Revolution – THIS SUNDAY!

So, I promise I’ll stop talking about this soon, but you know what? I am still so ridiculously overwhelmed by the response to my blog post on Sunday. So far, 85,000 people have read it in 167 countries. From what I’ve been told, £1000 has been donated to the Trussell Trust in response to this post. These figures blow me away.

The other day, I asked if people would consider donating the price of the Mail on Sunday, £1.50 to the Trussell Trust in honour of Isaac’s birthday. Thank you so much if you’ve done this – you’re incredible! I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and want to see if we can take this even further. So here goes…

This Sunday, 27th April, will be one week since the Mail on Sunday posted their article. A week later, I want us to counteract the bile in it with a total revolution – of kindness. I want the Mail on Sunday, and those who share that mindset, to be blwon away by the amount of people willing to stand up and say “this. is. wrong”.

So here’s the idea. Pick something you can do. If you haven’t donated, perhaps think about donating to the Trussell Trust, here – – or somewhere like your local foodbank or church – anywhere dedicated to helping others. Maybe you could donate an hour of time. Or just do something kind for other people. Or celebrate something kind others have done.

Then – and I know this is hard – please, please post in the comments and tell me what you’ve done. Because I want to keep a kindness log of all the different actions going on. Because then I’m going to send them to the Mail on Sunday and as many other places as possible. This is our chance to stand up and show people that we love them – just because we do. I’ve also made a Facebook page about it – here. If anyone is better at these things than me, please let me know! >But feel free to share there too!!/kindstuff1

Who’s up for the adventure?!

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2 Responses to Kindness Revolution – THIS SUNDAY!

  1. You keep talking about it as long as you want! It’s important

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