Thank you!

Wow.  Just wow. 

After writing last night about the Mail on Sunday article, I expected, what?  A hundred or so views?  About 24 hours after I hit the post button, I’ve just looked again at the stats.  Over 45,000 of you have read this.

45,000?  That’s unbelievable, and in fact had had me giggling in disbelief all day.  Wow!

What’s even more amazing than that though, are the stories people have shared.  Of supporting the food banks, even when money is tight.  Of generous children and of the thousands and millions of people across the UK and beyond – ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things and reaching out to others.  People of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds and religions, deciding that it’s simply not good enough when people are hungry.  I’m blown away.

And then – then there’s the other stories.  The ones from the total rock-stars, who’ve been in that position of needing help.  The people that understand what it is to panic about where the next meal is coming from.

Guys, I want you to hear this especially.  You are incredible.  The braveness you’e shown is incredible.  And you are loved – so loved.  Not because of what you make or what you do,but because you’re you.  Thank you for being so open.  You’ve shared with all of us the gift of true vulerability, and that’s a gift beyond price.

The response to this post has been incredible, and I’m sorry for my slow response.  I’m visiting family at the moment and have been on a train for a large portion ofthe day.  I promise I’ll catch up soon.  But I didn’t want to let this incredible response go without asking one small favour.

You see, it’s actually Isaac’s birthday soon.  And he’s my absolute treasure, and he’s a gift to me and my husband, and I hope and pray he’ll grow up to be a gift to the world too.  I think he’s already well on his way to that!  In honour of his birthday, would you do me a favour? 

The Mail on Sunday costs £1.50.  I think it’s pretty fair to say they’ve wasted the cover price on this weeks edition, if nothing else!  If you can, would you consider donating £1.50 to the Trussell Trust, in honour of Isaac?  Or buying some things to donate to that cost?  I’d love to be able to show him what a difference his actions have made.

If you can donate, the Trussell Trust website is, and it also lists local foodbanks. I’d love it if you could leave a comment in the blog so I can see how far this reaches! 

If you can’t, please don’t worry.  Your presence in the world is already gift enough.  But if you can – let’s see what we can do.  The idea of taking the nastiest the world has to offer and turning it into love is ridiculously exciting!

Bring it on!

PS: – During the night, I had another idea. So many people have shared their stories – either of volunteering, or receiving support. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s really blessed me. If you would consider letting me publish your story on this blog, could you email me? It’s I would love to share some of the real stories, to counteract the bile.

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6 Responses to Thank you!

  1. Tanya says:

    What a lovely idea – done.. Happy birthday, Isaac!

  2. debbie1haile says:

    I am one of the many who saw your blog reposted on Facebook (by many, totally unrelated people!!) Just want you to know I have just made a £4.50 donation to the Trussell Trust as a birthday gift to your son Isaac from my 3 children (2 girls, 7 and 5, and my son who is 3). They need to grow up in a world where Food Banks and handouts are unnecessary in any and every country, where food is ethically produced, affordable and healthy for all. Until that day, we will do as Jesus commands, and love one another. What more can we do? Love in action saves the day. Thank you for blogging what you did, for being brave and sharing your heart. Millions of us no doubt agree whole heartedly with you. Much love xxx 🙂

  3. Happy birthday Isaac

  4. Richard says:

    One comment, every time someone follows the link to that nasty little article, the Mail gets advertising revenue.

    Any chance you can take a screenshot of the article and post a link to that instead?

    Thank you, R.

  5. Nice one Julian. What are the chances of the Mail publishing your letter? I bet 1000000/1. against

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