Busting those myths…

Myth: violence against women does not affect many women

Violence against women is hidden and under-reported, but globally, 1 in 3 women are affected – with millions more living with the aftermath.

 Myth: violence aaginst women only occurs in poor, urban areas

I’ve heard a version of this one far too many times – essentially, that it’s “not our problem”.  It’s total nonsense. There are no boundaries – women of every description are victims of violence.  It isn’t their problem – it’s our problem.

Myth: domestic abuse is often a one-off incident

It’s actually pretty rare for this to be the case.  It tends to increase in intensitity and frequency as time goes on and more control is established over the victim – this is one reason why it’s hard to realise how abusive the relationship has become.

Myth: particular cultures and religions tolerate or expect violence towards women.

NO!  There is absolutely no evidence for this.  However, abuse can take different forms in different cultures.  Forched marriage and female genital mutilation are rare in the UK, for example, but other forms of violence are much more prolific.

Myth: domestic abuse doesn’t happen in same sex relationships

Domestic violence occurs in all relationships, including same sex, and the issues of power and control are the same.  However, it can be harder for these victims to seek support.

Myth: women often provoke assaults and therefore ‘ask for it.’

There is simply never an excuse or justification for violence.  This myth can be particularly damaging, as women can believe that the situation is their fault.  This is never the truth.

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