Gratitude Thursday…

So, if I’m being honest, I’m pretty stressed out and anxious at the moment.  Lots of reasons – some big, some little, and some ridiculous.  It’s not a lot of fun though. 


Reflecting on it, one thing that has made a lot of sense to me this week is the power of the little things.  See, like many people (sorry if you’re one of the exceptions – and can I learn your secret?!), when I get stressed, I turn into quite an extra-ordinarily talented navel gazer.  It’s all about ME, and MY FEELINGS, and MY NEEDS.  Which is a pretty stupid way to live, really.  Because actually, life is filled with joy and wonder, even when – and sometimes especially when – it’s harder to see.

Sobecause it helps me, I decicded to start keeping a list of the things I’m grateful for.  I tried to do it on facebook for a while, but it tailed off.  Now, awesomely, I have an actual app on my phone – and since I’m surgically attatched to the thing, it’s a pretty good reminder.  So anyway, here are some of the little things that have made a long week easier.

– friends.  Oh man, you guys are freaking incredible.  Emails, texts, Skype calls, and an incredible caffeine related mercy mission – yup.  Sometimes, it can be hard to explain to someone why what they thought was a relativcely small thing was something so much bigger.  The “small things” have played a huge part in reminding me of an incredibly important truth – love wins.  Whatever I’m thinking or feeling, love is bigger.


Guiding – the week started (well, weeks don’t begin on Friday, but you know what I mean!) with my Division Commissioner coming to visit my Brownie unit – which I know is not a source of joy for many, but actually, Gill is fantastic!  Anyway, the reason she was there was to present our Young Leader with her leadership award and certificate.  Without going into huge details, this is an epic acheivement for this particular young lady.  I’m so grateful to be a part of an organisation so truly dedicated to empowering its members.  I’m actually not convinced I would have coped in my early twenties without it, and I certainly know I would have missed out on some incredible experiences. 

My husband – who has an amazing skill of being able to love and support and encourage without ever actually needing to say much.  He has a real gift for knowing exactly when the right moment is for a hug, or a giggle, or chocolate.  He truly is my “other half” and I love him.  Which is probably not a radical statement to most, This year, I’ve had to do a lot of thinking and repenting over my propensity to look at the tiny speck in Sam’s eyes, whilst ignoring the bloody great frigate sticking out of my own.  Hang on, were frigates made of wood?  Anyway, it’s a process which has shown me just how blessed I am.


If you fancy, I’d love to hear what other people are grateful for – it’s always helpful when you’re in the thick of what Sir Isaac would refer to as a “plappy” time.  And no, I didn’t teach him the word crappy.   Um.  Much.  Perhaps that’s my last gratitude for tonight – that he can’t pronounce C’s!



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