things I wish I could ask my son…

– why on earth do you like to sit in the bath, fully clothed?

– You have a pretty massive cot. Why do you tend to sleep only in the top corners of it?

– On the subject of your bed – do we really need 31 bears (I kid you not?) in there at one time?!

– Darling, I know you love choo-choos. But do we really need to stop and pick up every discarded train ticket we see? We live near a train station – that’s a lot of tickets.

– I love your new vocabulary. Bot how is it that the words you pick up quickest are the ones mummy and daddy really shouldn’t be using in front of you?

– Would it be possible for mummy to get through one bathtime without ending up wetter than you? Just one?

– Why is opening and shutting your mouth in the mirror so hilarious?

– Why is it that your first act on having your nappy taken off is to jump up and run to the window? You know, the big one, where the whole neighbourhood can see – well, all of you?

– Where did you learn to sigh “ahhhh, vintage!”, after sipping your juice? It’s hilarious, but baffling!

– how did you get to be such an amazing little man? I look at you, and marvel. You’re awesome. Eccentric, but awesome.

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One Response to things I wish I could ask my son…

  1. patsywatsypuddingandpie says:

    perhaps he shall be a famous wine connoisseur when he grows up

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