yodeling hippopotami?

Firstly, apologies for the double post. I’m not trying to gain points, I promise – it’s just that my brain has been working on overload today, and blogging is a good way to sort through it all!

I think I have found a new hero. Her name is Katherine Welby, and she’s one of the daughters of Justine Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Katherine has hit the news recently for the post on her blog, “A Conglomerate of Yodelling Hippopotami (I can’t get the link to work, but google it – there can’t be too many blogs of the same name!) and for recent press interviews, where she talks very openly and honestly about her struggles with depression.

It’s no state secret that I’m a Christian. It’s also no state secret that I’ve also struggled pretty badly – and still do – with depresison.

I think for me, what Katherine has done is show me again that it’s ok to not be ok. All too often, and especially, sadly, in the Christian world, there seems to be an assumption that admitting to weakness is a bad thing. I’ve been told several times that my own issues are the result of a lack of faith – that if I just “claimed” my healing, it’d all be fine.

And here’s the thing – I’ve known friends for whom this has happened. And I’m honestly so thrilled for them. The thing is though, that most of us have to struggle along with our scars and our limps. Most of us won’t know truw healing this side of heaven.

And actually, that’s ok. We’re not called to be perfect. We’re not called to get all the shit sorted before approaching Jesus. What we’re called to do is to come to Him – baggage, limps, scars and all – and allow ourselves to be redeemed by his transforming love. For some of us, that’s harder than others. Some of us can only cope with taking tiny baby steps towards Him, before hiding back behind the safety of “I can handle this by myself”. But that’s alright too. God honours those baby steps.

I’m so grateful to Katherine for showing the real side of Christianity. The side that’s messy, and painful, and ugly. We hope and trust that it will all be beautiful one day – but in the mean time, there are a lot of wounded children walking about. I’m proud that Katherine Welby is is one of them – because she’s shown the real God – the one imtimately involved with the crap in our lives. I’m grateful to the countless others that have done that for me too. I guess that glass of Paul’s is pretty dark right now – but one day, we WILL see him face to face. And there will be no more tears, no more depression. That’s pretty freaking awesome.

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