10 reasons why Hastings and St. Leonard’s are quite awesome, actually…

this post inspired by anger at our delightful MP, who recently told the financial times that Hastings was full of benefits claimnants from London moving closer to the drugs and drink. Yes. I’m getting quite parochial about the place – 10 reasons I disagree…

1. Because any town that has a pirate day- and in fact, holds the world record for the most pirates in one place – has got to be made of awesome. Sam and I are already planning costumes for this year.

2. St. John’s, Pevensey Road. I think it’s fair to say that as a family, when we moved here, we were somewhat tired – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This place has come to be the extended family we so desperately needed. No-one perfect, just a lot of incredible saints, moving “from the image of God to the likeness of Christ” – and sharing all the struggles and stresses on the way. Love it.

3. We have beach! And we saw porpoises today – SO. VERY. AMAZING. I am loving bringing my little man up by the sea – something I’ve always dreamed of.

4. The are does, undenuably, have a lot of problems. But here’s the thing – it breeds a community spirit like nowhere else on earth. I have never been more welcomed – or more blown away by the sheer amount people are doing to help others in the area – often, when they’re struggling themselves.

5. Active Hastings. These people are incredible – basically, running low cost/free sports activities for everyone from 1 – 101. I take Isaac tumbling every week, which he freaking adores, and I swear the staff are on duracell bunnies – they’re just stunning. They also run my trampolining class, which I flpping adore – not something I often say about sports!

6. Cafe D’Artes – which is run by young people with autism. It also makes the best cake in the world, ever. Fact.

7. The guys at the train station will happily let Isaac and I on the the platform so satisfy his endless quest for watching choo-choo’s. In fact, the other day, one of the guys came past to see if I wanted a drink brought over as he was going on his break! I’m from London originially – this level of nice is very strange. But very welcome.

8. The views around here are beautiful. The only problem is that Isaac gets very annoyed when I stop to admire them!

9. Girlguiding St. Leonard’s – full of the nicest women in the entire world, all busting a gut for the girls and young women of the area. And it shows – when you get to take part in a St. George’s day parade of over 800 Guides and Scouts in uniform, who might be mildy embarrassed but who are still willing to come out because Guiding and Scouting means so much to them – yeah. Wow.

10. Alexandra Park! Because it’s perfect. Nuff said 🙂

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