Dear Isaac…

Hi all,

Please forgive the radio silece. I managed, because I am massively intelligent like this, to lose access to my old blog – don’t ask, only I could manage it – and life has been so manic since that I haven’t gotten around to creating a new one. Anyway, hello – I’m back!

May and June are slightly crazy months for our family. Counting the extended family, we celebrate four birthdays, as well as our anniversary – in fact, Isaac’s birthday, my birthday and our anniversary all take place within 10 days of each other (Sam’s birthday is only a few weeks later!) It’s a time for celebrating – and, inevitably, a time for looking back. In many ways, this has been a bit of a grotty week – but I’ve been looking back a lot at how far we’ve come since this time last year – when, to say the least, things were pretty horrific. It’s honestly pretty incredible, and something I’m so grateful for.

Something else – or someone else – I’m incredibly for is Isaac, our little Squidget, who, unbelievably, turns two in two weeks. I wanted to try to put into words how we feel about him – so here’s the result. It’s not perfect, but it’s – well, here, judge for yourself.
Dearest Isaac J Squidget (the first)

Hello, sweetest little boy. I know it’s probably a bit crazy, mummy writing you a letter now. After all, you’re not yet 2 – although you can read the letter M, and delight in pointingit out to me excitedly every time you see it!

You see, here’s the thing, little man. You’re getting older everyday – and we never stop being surprised at all the new and exciting things you can do. I honestly can’t wait to see how you grow – I get the feeling you’re going to be brilliant – but it makes me realise that I’ll never have this time again, when the world is SO EXCITING and everything and everyone is just something more to be explored and loved. So I wanted to write a letter to you now. I hope, whem you get older, you’ll know just how loved you are – and I hope this letter shows you just how much you always have been adored.

Isaac, mummy and daddy love you so much. From the moment you were born, when daddy looked out the window and saw a rainbow outside, we knew God had given us a very special person to look after. In the Bible, the rainbow is a sign of God’s faithfulness and his promises. We can’t wait to see how they work out in your life.

What do we love about you? Oh baby-boy, so much. Your smile. Neither mummy or daddy really like morning, and we can get really grumpy when we get out of bed. When we see you though, that changes. You smile at us like seeing us is the best thing that could possibly happen to you – and immediately, we realise that there’s something so much more important than our morning grumps.

Your silliness. Oh Isaac, you are so funny! Your pretend snoring, when you’re trying to convince me that you don’t really need a nap. The way you like to blow raspberries on us – knowing full well that we’ll tickle you in response. The way you tickle yourself if you think we’re not doing a good enough job! The way mummy can’t sit down without you climbing on her for a horsey ride. The amazing speed with which you empty any container in the room, just so you can sit inside. The way mummy and daddy take a million soft toys out of your bed every day, just to find they’ve somehow snuck back in by bedtime. The way you think the phrase “big, BIG bumpers!” is the funniest in the universe. The incredible way you can spread a cake across your entire face, The fun we have down at the beach, playing “catch the wave”.

Your sweet, sweet nature. Oh Isaac, you really are such a nice little boy. Yesterday, mummy had a horrible headache, and couldn’t take you outside. You wanted to go out so badly, but when mummy told you she was poorly, you came over, took my face in your hands, and gave me a massive kiss, and handed me your Pooh-Bear to cuddle. I know that being given Pooh Bear is the highest honour a mummy can have, since it goes everywhere with you! You love being independent – but you also love climbing into our bed for long cuddles and stories. I have to admit, that’s one of my favourite parts of the day. You get genuinely sad if you think someone else is upset – even Eeyore – and believe a kiss solves everything. The thing is, beautiful lad, it usually does.

Isaac, you’re an amazing little man. I could go on forever about how incredible you are, but I’m not going to, because this letter would go on forever. Even when you’re big, and you know lots of letters, I’m pretty sure you’ll get bored by something that never stops! Here’s the biggest thing though darling. We love you. There’s nothing you can do to change that. We are so very, extremely happy to have you in our lives.



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